Service Overview


The FUJITSU Cloud Service S5 offers a dedicated virtual server system environment, through a suite of pre-installed servers, storage and network. This provides all the necessary system resources for our customers, allowing them to rapidly develop and deploy applications for their business using a low cost operational environment


- Innovative and intuitive graphical interface allowing rapid design and deployment
- Select a system configuration from the template library that best meets your requirements
- Full 3 Tier architecture available, providing a secure environment that protects against threats from the Internet. (DMZ, firewall)
- Create / delete and increase / decrease servers and storage on demand at any time as required
- Hourly pricing
- Browser / API allows for easy system configuration changes, such as firewall settings.
- Browser / API for easy monitoring of health status, server start / stop, backup / restore and other operations can be performed
- US data residency.
- Reliability is ensured through strict adherence to redundant hardware design. Data protection is ensured through hardware RAID and software mirroring across physical arrays.
- Full and secure user rights administration.

How To Use

- Register
- Retrieve User ID
- Login to the service portal
- Download the client certificate
- Choose the system template
- Customize your system configuration
- Check Rates Estimate
- Perform system deployment
- Login to Virtual Machine
- Construct applications
- Firewall settings
- Confirmation of Resource availability
- Add or remove a virtual machine
- Backup and Restore
- Check the Cost

Usage Scenarios

Example: Use as a development environment
When a customer needs a development environment, by using this service the resources required can be prepared quickly and at lower costs than implementing a physical server of their own.
Example: New Service
Small businesses can create a new service with less risk of operational difficulties. If the business were to commission a new server in their own Data Center there is a requirement to procure ICT resources to maintain it. This requirement is eliminated when using the FUJITSU Cloud Service S5, as Fujitsu maintains all of the servers within the platform.
Example: Disaster Recovery
This service can be used to supplement a customers disaster recovery solution by providing server environments in a short timeframe.