Contract Documents

Standard Service

The Terms of Service include the Usage Agreement and the three (3) Schedules. Make sure you read and understand all of these documents.

- FUJITSU Cloud Service S5 Agreement (Ver. 1.7) (391KB)
Application Form - Fujitsu Cloud Service Usage Agreement.

- FUJITSU Cloud Service S5 Schedule 2 - TOS (Ver. 1.4) (61KB)
Service Website Conditions of Use.

- FUJITSU Cloud Service S5 Schedule 3 - MS EULA (Ver. 1.4) (166KB)
Microsoft Software End User License Agreements.

The Credit Application must be completed and submitted if you are a new Fujitsu America customer, or if you are changing the "bill to" information for a current account.

- Credit Application (84 Kb)

- Service Agreement For Fujitsu Limited (For Japan customers)
 FUJITSU Cloud Service S5 (Fujitsu Limited)